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The voice of the millennial generation will never be ignored. But we are in a time where things move so quickly that our patience has become thin. No matter how much technology empowers us, there is no replacement for a shared personal experience. YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS ABOUT ME, is a chance for you to tell an electronically charged public a little something unique about your life.

The most important thing that you can do when you begin to answer this simple question is to tell us what means most to YOU. We believe that every individual has a unique and extraordinary story. So take a deep breath, think for a moment, and then begin to write with the prompt “YOU SHOULD KNOW THIS ABOUT ME” in your mind. Write for 7 minutes straight without stopping. Then pare down what you’ve written into the most concise and emotionally moving story that fits in our contest rules.

You can write a paragraph, a poem, a monologue, or a one-sided conversation! You can either shoot a video or submit written word.  We just want to hear FROM YOU! As a reminder, this is NOT an assignment and it will NOT be graded. But there will be 2 $10,000 cash prizes. So make sure to put your best foot forward!

After you have crafted your own personal truth, please make sure that your submission is ABC Family friendly.  Please avoid obscene language, nudity, violent or disturbing images, and brand names.  Do not include any other people (besides yourself) or their personal information. We want your voice to be heard, so using our parameters will help us do so. Don’t forget to read the Do’s and Don’ts.  After you write your submission, feel free to run it past your parents, teachers, or friends to make sure it’s in the best shape it can be.


Please use one of the 3 provided music tracks to help enhance your submission.  However there are a few restrictions to keep in mind.  Please don’t alter the track in any way or write new lyrics to the music provided. Also please note, if you write an original song and submit it in this contest we will sadly not be able to accept your submission.

Be With Me - by Anabel Englund  [download]
Stay - by Kevin Daniel  [download]
Shadow Love - by Anabel Englund  [download]


After you’ve posted your submission to the website, jump onto all online formats: Facebook, Twitter, GetGlue, Tumblr and SHARE, SHARE, SHARE! Get your friends to like your video and encourage them to write their own!

For full contest rules, please check out the link below.

We can’t wait to hear from you!

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